Tamworth City Rural Fire Brigade

Has Tamworth declared a Section 44??  Did the S.E.S. Christmas BBQ get out of hand??  Has the Tamworth City brigade gone over to the dark side???   No to all above.  A joint training activity between the RFS and NSWFB was conducted during the evening of the 16th of December.  A number of brigades from the Tamworth Zone, along with stations 452 and 508, had theoretical and practical training in ventilation at structure fires.  After an informative lecture, a joint “response”  was conducted at a disused, vacant house down at the Carter St playing fields. RFS units undertook duties as they would in supporting NSWFB at a structure fire within Tamworth.  At the conclusion of the “attack”, a demonstration of 508’s forced ventilation system in clearing the building of the “smoke”, (ably supplied and pre tested by the Tamworth fire control staff).  A very practical and informative night for those who attended.

16th December 2008

14th December 2008

Members on duty spent a couple of hours on a familiarisation trip of the Byamee area, a very integral part of our Brigade responsibility and as a supply of experienced volunteers.  In touring around, we noted the prolific grass fuels and various residents attempts or otherwise to protect their assets.  We stopped at Bede Bourke’s property which also houses the Byamee Bush Fire Brigade Station, the Byamee Brigade which amalgamated into the Tamworth City Brigade. Bede showed us his state of the art laying shed, which was just simply amazing, with the technology that can be used with getting your soft boiled egg onto the breakfast table!!

28 /29 November 2009

The evening of the 28th of November, will be remembered in Tamworth for some time.  In a 24hr period, from 0900 28/11/08, Tamworth city received 164 mm of rain, 6+ inches in old terms, the majority of that falling after 6.00pm.  (3 inches between 9.30 and 11.30pm) Along with the S.E.S., NSWFB, Police and Ambulance, the brigade responded to calls of help from the many locations affected by the flash flooding and assisting in rescue of stranded persons.  The station tanker bays were even converted to a filler friendly, dry sand bagging  location.  As per previous storm assistance’s, members put in some long hard hours into again assisting our community in its time of need.